How to carry on a relationship with a married cougar

There’s one thing that’s true for a lot of older women that seek out younger men for hook ups. It’s that a lot of them are married to other men. These are women who just aren’t getting what they need from the men that they married. They have to go out and find it somewhere else and that means that you have to be careful about what you say after you meet them on You can’t really go out blabbing about your hook ups to other people because you never know who it’s going to be getting back to.

Don’t text them at night

On top of that, you can’t just go and text them in the middle of the night like you can do with the other girls. These are women who are sleeping next to their husband and their phones can’t be going off at late hours. That’s going to make it obvious to their husbands that there’s something going on with them. It’s best to ask them when the best times to talk to them happen to be. That way you can be sure that you’re not causing any problems for them at home.

Let them get their fill of you

The next thing that you have to make sure you do with them is to let them get all of the things they’re missing, from you. They might just want to have sex, but it usually goes deeper than that. They miss the way that men used to look at them and treat them. It’s what they really need from a younger man like you. That’s what they’re really after and you get to be the person to give it to them. It’s all you can offer them and it’s all they want from you.